Keep Your Word Reader App Reviews

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Simple, but good.

The iPhone client of Keep Your Word is what makes the program worth it. The ability to download and create flashcards on your computer *and* then take them anywhere effectively renders paper flashcards obsolete. I also hear that there is a big update coming soon with more features.

Needs improvement...

I see nothing in KYW that Anki didn't do better at... And Anki is free. AND Anki's iPhone app is better designed. On this iPhone app there's no space for notes on the answer side of the card, there's no choice of memorization techniques, and you can't pick up where you left off if you have to close the app. At least the app is free, but KYW itself isn't. Take my word, download Anki. Anki is free and uses a handy memorization technique that allows for better memorization. Plus Anki has way more notecard packages you can download and way fewer bugs. One star unless significant improvements are made.

Very Handy!

This app has been very helpful in my study of Chinese, a hard language to learn. This app has helped build my character recognition, memorize my vocab from lesson to lesson and take it on the fly. I am much anticipating the update that will allow a few more options for the flash cards, but all in all, this whole KYW thing is pretty cool!

AMAZING product!!

This is an amazing product! well, technically, the 'Keep Your Word' that runs on mac is an amazing product, but this app allows us to use the Keep Your Word anywhere! How often do you forget a word, but don't have your mac with you to check? Well this app solves all those problems! Amazing app! 5 stars!!

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